Running for a cause

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” (Aesop)

The Jerusalem Municipality and Mayor Moshe Leon place highest priority on assisting groups and populations in Jerusalem in need of support. Incorporating a social and communal dimension in the race gives added value to the runners’ experience. Therefore the Jerusalem Winner Marathon encourages runners and the general public to contribute to participating organizations.
Donations can be made by selecting an organization or NGO from the list below and filling out the donation form, which will be sent to the selected organization.
The donated sum will be recorded directly in the selected organization’s systems. Once the process has been completed, follow the link to return to the International Jerusalem Winner Marathon registration form.
The organizations take full responsibility for the donation forms that appear on this website.

Details subject to change


Join the Sulam family, where parents, staff members and friends will be running to give the gift of a future to almost 700 children with disabilities in 12 centers across Israel. The SULAM organization, founded in 1981, is a pioneer in special education in Israel. Our goal is to enable children with disabilities and youth at risk to achieve their maximum potential Our centers, some of the most advanced in the country, offer an individualized educational and therapeutic program to each child. Sulam is held in high regard by educators, parents and other stakeholders, and is regularly consulted for its experience and expertise. Approximately 30% of our students are integrated into the mainstream school system and many of our high school students succeed in graduating and obtaining gainful employment in the community. Their future is in your hands... and your running shoes!
SULAM Website


Team Shalva is a diverse group of over 500 runners who travel from around the world to Israel to participate in the Jerusalem Marathon in support of Shalva, the Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. In addition to the run itself (5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon), the international and local runners participate in the Community Run alongside Shalva's children, their family members and Shalva staff. This accessible track is a Shalva initiative on marathon day which allows people with disabilities to run. Running side by side in Shalva running gear, Shalva's children and the marathon runners represent a beautiful demonstration of a community dedicated to health, inclusion and the celebration of life. Team Shalva's international members spend a beautiful weekend of events and activities in Jerusalem.
Team Shalva website


SHEKEL is Israel's leading organization for inclusion of people with disabilities in the community. At SHEKEL, we believe inclusion is a national priority that benefits society as a whole. For nearly 40 years, SHEKEL has provided solutions for thousands of people from all sectors of Israeli society in the areas of independent living, vocational rehabilitation, cultural and leisure activity, therapeutic services, counseling and accessibility
SHEKEL'S Website


Known as "ADI Ascend," the ADI running team will participate in the Jerusalem Marathon under their slogan, "Each according to his own pace." The team consists of children, parents, staff members, volunteers, friends and supporters of ADI, including public figures. The ADI family participates in the marathon to promote inclusion within Israeli society, enabling children and adults with disabilities to become active members of the community, take part in social activities and experience the thrills and excitement that all people deserve to enjoy - no matter how severe their limitations. Funds raised by ADI Ascend will help ADI continue to provide its residents - over 750 babies, children and adults with severe complex disabilities - with a loving home, the professional care they need to thrive, and full access to rewarding and enriching experiences
run for ADI

El HaLev

El HaLev is a non-profit organization that works to prevent sexual, emotional and physical violence through innovative educational programs. These programs provide tools for personal safety, self-protection, resilience, freedom of choice, and management of conflicts within a variety of situations. By providing effective tools through workshops and classes women of all ages, children and other vulnerable populations become empowered participants protecting and asserting themselves in risk situations.
El HaLev Website

Ha’or Shebi

Ha’or Shebi is the Israel branch of the global non-profit, Life Vest Inside. Ha’or Shebi was built to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit within our youth, encouraging them to identify problems within their community and develop solutions. We develop and implement educational programs in schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, run international events and create and distribute inspirational media and curricula to schools. Ha’or Shebi believes that if we change the way our children believe in themselves and respect one another other they will become leaders who place character and values at the forefront.
run for Ha’or Shebi

Migdal Or Center

Migdal Or (lighthouse) –part of the Northern Goals Association – is a multi-service center engaged in functional, vocational, emotional and social rehabilitation of people with blindness or visual impairment. The Center serves more than 5000 people of all ages annually, and operates throughout the country with branches in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Be’er-Sheva and Jerusalem. Many of the Center’s services are also provided in an individual’s everyday environment, including their home or workplace. Migdal Or’s vision is that every individual with blindness or visual impairment can successfully realize their potential. To this end, Migdal Or leads the way in developing and providing professional, updated and innovative functional and professional rehabilitation, social and emotional services to people with blindness and visual impairment. In addition, Migdal Or specializes in the dissemination of knowledge in these areas for the benefit of persons with visual impairment or blindness in Israel, as well as to persons involved in their life

Keren Gefen

Keren Gefen is a non-profit organization that provides emotional and wellness support to fertility challenged women and couples in Israel at minimal or no cost. Our activities are based in the warm and nurturing Gefen Center, located in the German Colony in Jerusalem. We have created an array of innovative programs of Mind/Body Therapies, CBT Counseling, Yoga Fertility Workshops and Complementary Treatments and continually offer Fertility Mind/Body Workshops and Fertility Yoga Workshops. We reach out to different communities such as the Haredi Community, Single women and women considering Fertility preservation. Our programs include Hadassah Rimon Fertility Center in Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital and a joint program with Nishmat Yoatzot Halacha Fertility Counselors. Gefen welcomes your support!
Run for Keren Gefen


The Center for Multiple Sclerosis provides the patient with the best treatment and required care. In the Center are neurologists who are experts in multiple sclerosis, a nurse, a social worker and a psychologist . In addition the Center offers Rehabilitation services at Har HaTsofim. The Center for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at Hadassah is a multidisciplinary center that coordinates the treatment and follow-up of multiple sclerosis patients in the Jerusalem area and its surroundings, and is a reference center for patients all over the country and abroad.


Woman to Woman, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the victims of domestic violence in Israel, established the Jerusalem Shelter for Battered Women in 1982. Since then it has aided hundreds of women who have suffered abuse at the hands of their partners. The Shelter provides physical haven and emotional security for women from all over the country regardless of religion, race, nationality, age, education or economic situation. Woman to Woman’s primary goal is to ensure the welfare of the women who come to us for refuge and help them find a way to leave the cycle of violence. To this end Woman to Woman maintains a cluster of programs and facilities: Shelter, Children`s Center, Halfway Housing, Legal Aid, Community Rehabilitation and Integration. This year, Woman to Woman will join the Jerusalem Marathon: women from the Shelter, volunteers and staff members will run for the Shelter. Support us and join us in our efforts to end domestic violence!


ABOUT AMIT FRISCH BEIT HAYELED A home in Jerusalem for at-risk children, AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled cares for children with difficult life circumstances and offers them a safe, warm and welcoming environment in which to grow and thrive. AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled nurtures and caters to each child’s emotional and physical needs through therapies and extracurricular activities, to help foster maximum personal growth and bright futures. Join Team AMITfor an unforgettable experience running together with AMIT children through the streets of Jerusalem, helping us raise money for clothing, school supplies, chuggim, summer camps and other basic needs for the AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled children.
Run with Team AMIT

"Bat Melech”

"Bat Melech” is an Israeli based non-profit organization, which was founded in 1995 to address domestic violence in the Orthodox community. Bat Melech shelters provide a safe haven, emotional support and legal aid to Orthodox women suffering from physical, sexual, emotional, financial and spiritual abuse by their husbands and are in life-threatening situations. The current focus of the organization evolves around 3 main areas- Community outreach. Shelters. And Independent lifestyle breaking the violence cycle.
Run with Bat Melech

Kav Lachayim

Kav Lachayim was founded in 1989 to serve and support handicapped children suffering from cancer, muscular dystrophy and CP as well as victims of terrorism and chronic illnesses. Kav Lachayim members and volunteers help develop and advance sick and handicapped children and their families in Israel by instilling values of social responsibility among healthy youth and providing for the changing needs of anyone who chooses to contact Kav Lachayim.
Kav Lachayim Website

The Koby Mandell Foundation

The Koby Mandell Foundation ( runs therapeutic and healing programs for people who lost immediate family members to terror attacks or tragedy. Camp Koby and Yosef and our Mother's Healing Programs provide individuals and families with the tools to translate the pain and suffering of tragedy into positive personal growth, deeper interpersonal relationships, and active community leadership. All of our programs are free of charge. Our unique methods are based on the personal experience of Rabbi Seth and Sherri Mandell after their 13 year old son Koby and his friend Yosef Ishran were murdered by terrorists in 2001. Team Camp Koby raises money for our flagship program "Machaneh Koby V' Yosef", a summer camp for children, bereaved from terror and other tragedies. Join us and help more kids heal!
TKMF Website

Finger House

The Gravsky Rehabilitation Center is engaged in providing housing solutions for people suffering from severe physical disabilities and operates throughout a number of frameworks across the country in this area. Last year, the association opened a new housing center in Jerusalem called the "Finger House", close to the city center, where the tenants suffer from severe disabilities, such as, Cerebral palsy, and ALS. They receive 24/7 care including comprehensive nursing services, regular physical therapy, occupational therapy etc., as well as a variety of different therapeutic courses such as music therapy, art therapy and therapeutic gardening that enrichen their lives and the emotional experiences of our tenants. A wide range of therapists serving them throughout the day, from nursing therapists through medical practitioners, physicians and nurses and emotional care staff. And taking part in events around us in the community.
Finger House Website

עמותת רפאנא

רפא נא נופש מרפא הוקמה ב-2014 במטרה לסייע לחולי סרטן בישראל לקחת פסק זמן מהמחלה והטיפולים בחופשה קצרה ופרטית יחד עם בני זוג או כל המשפחה. הנופש הוא לא מותרות! הוא חשוב לרווחתם הנפשית והגופנית הן של החולים והן של בני המשפחה שלהם. מטופלים אונקולוגיים מספרים לנו כמה הנופש היה חיוני עבורם, הזדמנות ליהנות וגם לאגור כוחות ואנרגיות כדי להתמודד עם האתגרים העתידיים שלהם וליצור זכרונות בלתי נשכחים עם יקיריהם. מאז הקמתה ב-2014 הארגון סייע לאלפי חולים ובני המשפחה שלהם לצאת לנופש קצר
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קרן ירושלים ירוקה

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Home Base

Home Base is an NGO committed to supporting homeless individuals across Israel and to guiding their transition back to fully functioning members of society. The organization has developed a unique model that harnesses the power of team dynamics, group activities and sport as therapeutic and rehabilitative tools; this combined with 1x1 support empowers the individual. The sense of camaraderie and achievement felt in the team environment fosters a sense of belonging, raises self-esteem, and builds trust and responsibility.
לאתר העמותה

Bnei Akiva - Kedma

Bnei Akiva of the US & Canada is the premier religious Zionist youth movement dedicated to growing generations of Jews committed to building a society devoted to Torah and the Jewish people in the state of Israel. Kedma empowers its global base of volunteers to connect to Israeli society by giving back. Through Kedma’s transformative volunteer programs, each week hundreds of people make a difference in Israeli society by volunteering with various populations including (but not limited to): children from at-risk homes, women’s shelters, refugees, individuals with special needs, soup kitchens, lone soldiers and lone Bnot sherut, and single parent families.
Bnei Akiva website

קרן מלכי

קרן מלכי פועלת לסייע להורים לילדים עם מוגבלות להתמודד עם מציאות החיים הקשה על ידי מתן טיפולים פרא-רפואיים בבית. הקרן מעניקה סיוע למשפחות לילדים עם מוגבלות קשה ללא הבדל דת, מוצא לאומי, מוצא אתני ומאמינה כי ככלל הורי הילד עם המוגבלות הם שמכירים טוב מכולם את צרכיו ואת הדרך הנכונה להביא להתפתחותו ולמיצוי הפוטנציאל שלו. הקרן פועלת להעצים את המשפחות באמצעות הגדלת האפשרויות העומדות בפני ההורים לטיפול בילדיהם ומתן הסיוע ללא שיפוטיות, בדיסקרטיות ובקשב מרבי לצורכי המשפחה וראייתה שלה את דרך הטיפול הנכונה בילדה. הקרן הוקמה בשנת 2001 על ידי פרימט וארנולד רוט לזכר ביתם מלכה, שנרצחה בגיל 15 בפיגוע במסעדת "סבארו" בירושלים. משפחת רוט ביקשה להנציח באמצעות הקרן את רוח הנתינה ועשיית הטוב שאפיינה את מלכי.
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עמותת לצדכם מהווה מרכז לתמיכה מקצועית, סיוע נפשי, טיפול ושיקום גברים נפגעי אלימות פיזית, רגשית ומינית בזוגיות ובאבות נפגעים בהליכי גירושין. 'לצדכם' מיועדת הן לגברים הנפגעים והן לבני משפחותיהם הקרובים, הזקוקים לתמיכה או ייעוץ. (הורים, אחים, ילדים וכו') העמותה כוללת צוות מקצועי ומנוסה המתמחה בסיוע לאבות וגברים, וכולל עובדים סוציאליים, פסיכולוגים, עורכי דין אנשי חינוך, ומתנדבים.
לאתר העמותה

Keren Or

Keren Or is an extraordinary school and treatment program for children aged 3-21 who are blind or visually impaired and have complex disabilities. Every student has an individually-tailored program that combines cognitive stimulation and social enrichment with a wide range of therapies. We aim to give each child the tools to interact with his/her surroundings, and communicate with those who love them; and we aim to give parents the support they need to raise their children at home, and provide them with the highest possible quality of life.
Keren Or Website


AVIsrael – The choice to hear 2 of every 1000 babies are born with hearing loss. Over 95% of them are born to hearing and speaking parents. Thanks to the availability of cutting edge technology (like cochlear implants), now more than ever, children with hearing loss can hear and speak and connect as equals with the world around them. AVIsrael (NGO est. 1994) is the only AV (Auditory-Verbal) program in Israel. Our staff of licensed Speech Pathologists provide a family centered diagnostic approach to normative speech and language acquisition, enabling full inclusion in the hearing world. AV Graduates outperform adolescents and young people with hearing loss who were not rehabilitated through AV strategies and get to fulfil their potentials, choose their career paths and live independent and creative lives. Help children with hearing loss keep up the pace and succeed!

United hatzalah of israel

: Race to save lives with Team United Hatzalah in this year’s Jerusalem Marathon and help save lives across Israel! United Hatzalah of Israel is the largest independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Service organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah’s service is available to all people regardless of race, religion, or national origin. United Hatzalah has more than 6,200 volunteers around the country, available around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, who respond to emergencies in as little as 90 seconds or less.

The Lone Soldier Center

The Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin helps thousands of lone soldiers every year - young men and women who leave their family and friends to serve in the IDF and protect the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The Center was founded by friends of Michael Levin z"l, a lone soldier from Philadelphia who fell in battle during the Second Lebanon War. Today we're proud to be making Michael's dream a reality, providing lone soldiers with "a home away from home", housing, guidance, counseling, a strong community, social events and Shabbat meals. At the Center's core are our volunteers, former lone soldiers who work tirelessly to help lone soldiers thrive before, during and after their military service.
TLSC Website

Simcha Layeled

Simcha Layeled is an Israeli NPO, established in 2004, dedicated to improving the quality of life and social welfare of disabled and seriously ill children. Simcha Layeled accompanies the children both, individually and socially. Our Organization activities are implemented from three centers: Jerusalem, Center and North. Our volunteers specify in several capacities: Personal mentoring, running programs in hospitals, excursions and events throughout the year, family support programs and social circles in the afternoon and more.
Simcha Layeled Website

Otot- good sings

Otot (‘good signs’) was founded 1981, and its mission is to provide community-based short- to mid-term residential solutions and interventions with which to address many of the debilitating problems facing its target-population of youth at-risk from diverse religious, sexual, and ethnic backgrounds. The overarching goal is that as a result of a stable environment, counseling, as well as working with their families, and access to education, these youngsters can hopefully return home, and eventually integrate as functional members of Israeli society. Otot annually serves some 2,300 teens between the ages of 14-18, and young adults between the ages of 18- 25 that lack a family support system and cannot oftentimes live on their own. The youth reflect all sectors of Israeli society- Jews, Arabs, secular, Orthodox, ultra-Orthodox and LGBT. Otot’s 34 facilities, which are located throughout Israel, receive funding and professional oversight by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services
Run with Otot

The Israel Cancer Association

The Israel Cancer Association was founded in 1952 in order to reduce cancer mortality and morbidity rates and to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. The association is a non-profit institution that is completely dependent on public donations and is not funded by any government ministry. This enables the association to work freely and provide support without any conflicts of interest. Leading medical professionals and researchers are volunteer members of the association's professional committees. All projects supported by the association are carefully assessed from professional and practical perspectives that analyze the national benefits of each opportunity. The Israel Cancer Association Executive Committee is a small committee comprised of public figures, medical experts, researchers and a board of trustees. The association's activities are run by some 3,500 volunteers in 70 branches throughout Israel. The volunteers provide social and welfare services for cancer patients and promote public relations in order to increase awareness of cancer, prevention, and the importance of early detection. Its many years of activities and the wide range of issues that it promotes have granted public, national and international recognition for the Israel Cancer Association (ICA). Friends of ICA groups have been founded in several countries and the association is represented in important professional forums in Israel and abroad.
ICA Website

Alei Siach

Alei Siach is a leading organization in Israel providing all-inclusive solutions for individuals with disabilities and their families. Our mission is to provide residential care, vocational training, employment opportunities, social activities and integration within the broader community. Additionally, Alei Siach offers critical information for parents about rights and benefits for their children, as well as ongoing guidance and support from experts in a variety of therapeutic fields. At Alei Siach, we custom-make each individual a program best-suited to their personal needs, ensuring that they are placed in the right environment to help them reach their full potential, while simultaneously nurturing the innate skills and abilities they possess. By treating each client and family individually and personally, we believe we can help the individual realize their ability to achieve and increase their sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Above all, Alei Siach is a big-picture care provider for people with a wide range of special needs.

Kav L'Noar

This year, an energetic, spirited group of youth, volunteers, members, staff and families have decided to take the leap and join the Jerusalem Marathon as a group. You are invited to join us by sponsoring and supporting our team and helping us realize our full potential. Together, we can create opportunities for teens at risk to develop a meaningful relationship with the Kav L'Noar counselors and reach for the skies!
Kav L'Noar Website


Team Yachad is the most fun and exciting way to both support individuals with disabilities while having the time of your life! Yachad, The Jewish Council for Disabilities is a thriving organization dedicated to addressing the needs of all individuals with disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in every aspect of life. Yachad Israel has many inclusive activities, programs, classes, weekend retreats and lots more all designed to ensure persons with diverse abilities their rightful place within the Jewish community.
Yachad Website

Mercaz Panim

Mercaz Panim is a non-profit organization founded in February 2011 to provide emotional and physical support for women and couples struggling with infertility. The team at Mercaz Panim is comprised of professionals in a variety of fields including social workers, physical trainers, masseurs, yoga trainers, movement therapists and more. Mercaz Panim is located in Jerusalem and offers a private, relaxed and healthy atmosphere. Infertility is often accompanied by the sense that our bodies have betrayed us by not functioning as expected. These emotions, combined with the social, marital and personal impacts of struggling with infertility often evolve into frustration, despair, pain and a sense of failure. During infertility treatments, women face repeated blood tests, ultrasounds and invasive procedures, combined with medical and hormonal therapy. The woman's self-image suffers due to her sense of helplessness. These are only several examples of the emotional and physical difficulties that women and couples endure in such situations. Mercaz Panim offers integrative intervention for the body and mind to offer support during this difficult process. This year, Mercaz Panim will be joining the Jerusalem Marathon. The Mercaz Panim Team will include men and women of all ages. Come join us!
Mercaz Panim Website

One Family

OneFamily was established in 2001 to address the human tragedies caused by the worst wave of terror in Israel's history. We are Israel’s premier privately-funded organization serving the needs of Israeli victims of terror, working hand-in-hand with Government agencies, providing crucial immediate and long term assistance that the government cannot. The work of "OneFamily" begins from the moment the terror attack occurs and continues throughout the entire healing process. We are there in moments of joy and sorrow and in times of crisis. OneFamily is dedicated to empowering victims of terror to rehabilitate and to rebuild their lives, and reintegrate into society.
One Family website

The Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center

The Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center was founded almost 40 years ago, in order to support center for victims of rape and sexual assault, the first of its kind in Jerusalem and one of the first in Israel. Over the last 37 years, the JRCC been devoted to create gender equality and combating violence against women from all backgrounds. We provide a myriad of services to survivors of sexual violence, such as crisis intervention, personal support via the 24-hour hotline, individual meetings, educational workshops in schools, youth groups, workplaces and more, support groups and accompaniment in criminal and legal proceedings. Through advocacy, raising public awareness and legislative activism we strive to create a safer, more equal society and to prevent sexual violence and let victims know they are not alone.
JRCS Website

Runners Without Borders

Runners Without Borders bring together youths from the most difficult places in East and West Jerusalem, who are exposed to violence daily, introduce them to a new reality and impact their worldviews! In the 4 years of our activities we have seen youths who were educated to fear each other becoming friends, working together towards a shared goal.
Runners Without Borders Website

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind is a is a nine-month therapeutic intervention in which therapists from Metiv The Israel Psychotrauma Center, provide a space and time for IDF veterans to process their combat experiences in a supportive environment, including a week spent hosted with a Jewish community abroad. The veterans emerge with strengthened emotional and mental health, allowing for a healthier transition from military to civilian life.
Peace of Mind Website

"Ohr Torah Stone"

For years, young adults with physical and developmental disabilities watched wistfully as their siblings and mainstreamed peers left them behind to spend a year in Israel after high school. Darkaynu is the first and only program to fulfill their dreams by giving them the same opportunity of spending a year learning and touring in Israel, connecting to their roots, learning to live independently, building self-confidence and generally experiencing the feeling of being just like everyone else.

Yad L’Olim

Yad L’Olim provides Olim with the assistance they need to navigate complex bureaucracy when acclimating to life in Israel through our government advocacy, personal assistance, and educational programs. With Olim from 22 countries turning to Yad L’Olim for assistance on an individual and communal level, Yad L’Olim has become THE advocate for Olim within the halls of the Israeli government.
Yad L’Olim Website

עמותת The Blue Card‏

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עמותת אלווין ישראל

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עמותת "just one chesed"

Just One Chesed is a global movement of giving. We inspire and educate people to make chesed the driving force in their lives, providing them with the tools and resources to make giving easier than ever.
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מדרשת אדם

מדרשת אדם נוסדה כעמותה ציבורית בשנת 1987 שמטרתה חינוך לדמוקרטיה ולשלום, ולביסוס תפיסת עולם המכבדת את זכויות האדם והאזרח. פעילויותיה מתקיימות עם ילדים, בני נוער ומבוגרים – יהודים וערבים. הפעילויות מתקיימות בבתי ספר ובגני ילדים בשיתוף עם משרד החינוך ומחלקות חינוך עירוניות, עם ארגוני החברה האזרחית, מוסדות חברה וקהילה, מכללות ואקדמיה - בארץ ובעולם. התכניות מודולאריות ומותאמות לשונות הגילאית, התרבותית והלאומית, ונותנות מענה חינוכי רלוונטי למציאות המשתנה והמורכבת ולצרכים העולים מהשטח. הבסיס לכל התכניות הוא שיטת ההנחייה הייחודית של מדרשת אדם המוכרת בארץ ובעולם "בצוותא – המרה של קונפליקט בדילמה".
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רצים ללא גבולות

מאז 2014 קירבנו בין כ-400 בני נוער ממזרח ומערב ירושלים. בפעילות נוצרו חיבורים עמוקים שהובילו לחברויות אמת. בזכותכם נוכל ליצור חברויות אמיצות בין בני נוער, שלא היו נפגשים בשום דרך אחרת. לילדים הללו יש תקוה – אנחנו אחראים להפוך אותה למציאות: הצטרפו והשפיעו!
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צעד קדימה

צעד קדימה הוקמה ב- 1987 כהתארגנות של הורים לילדים עם שיתוק מוחי ואנשי מקצוע שיצאו למסע משנה חיים למען ילדיהם ולמען אלפי ילדים אחרים עם שיתוק מוחי בישראל שהוביל להקמת העמותה. היום, העמותה מפעילה מסגרות חינוך-שיקומיות לגיל הרך, בי"ס שיקומי, מרכז יום לבוגרים הפועל במודל הפעלה ייחודי וחלוצי, מגוון תוכניות משלימות ושירותים ייחודיים, בפריסה ארצית, לתינוקות, ילדים ובוגרים עם שיתוק מוחי ובני משפחותיהם. מטרת העל של העמותה הינה קידום השתלבות והשתתפות של אוכלוסייה עם מוגבלות פיזית במארג החיים והקהילה. מרכז היום לצעירים עם מוגבלויות בירושלים נותן מענה ל 42 צעירים המגיעים מידי יום ומקבלים מגוון שירותים ותכניות.
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ELIYA - The Association for Blind and Visually Impaired Children in Israel Established in 1982, ELIYA is the only organization in the country specializing in early intervention programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers with blindness or visual impairment, including children with multiple developmental challenges.
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