Marathon day - Jerusalem Marathon - מרתון ירושלים

Marathon day

The Morning of the Race - Sacher Park

The staging area in Sacher Park is within walking distance of the parking lots (follow signs and directions).

Service booths and race services will open at 06:00 am

Enter the parking lots through the entrance specified on the parking voucher in the runner’s kit.

Parking for the disabled – on the marathon day parking for the disabled will be available at the Berlin Center and the Israel Museum parking lots (only upon presenting a disability parking permit).

Please note: firearms are not allowed on the Sachar Garden premises.

-Starting Line and Start Area

The starting line and start area are identical for all the races: at the intersection of Derech Rupin and Kaplan, on the southern side of the Knesset building.


It may take about 10 minutes to get from the staging area to the start area during congestion. Please plan your time accordingly.


Measurement of personal time only begins when you cross the starting line.


*You can leave outerwear at the starting line – all garments will be donated to charity.

:The following services will be provided in the start area

A medal engraving booth will be available on-site for runners. The engraving service will engrave the runner’s name and finish time on the medal for only NIS 30.

You can also order a medal with a personal engraving after the marathon day.

Please contact: 03-6828889


Bib Numbers and Assignment to Starting Gates

Runners must arrive at the start area according to the following start times to enable an efficient and timely start.


Jerusalem Winner Marathon – Green Pass

The Jerusalem Marathon takes place in an open area as the starting and ending point in the Sucker Garden space.
Principles of the guidelines

* All participants and gatherers at the Sucker Garden complex will be required to present only a new green sign as specified.
* At all entrances to the compound, there will be ushers who will make sure the character is displayed.
* All gatherers will be required to wear a mask until the start of the run and immediately upon completion

The new green character:

* Vaccinated with 3 doses of vaccine one week after the third vaccine.
* Vaccinated with 2 doses of vaccine that has passed a week from the second vaccine and has not yet passed half a year from the second vaccine.
* Recovering – half a year from the confirmation of recovery
* Recover over half a year with a single vaccine.
* The person who underwent a serological examination testified that he was defined as a healer and received a vaccine1
* Children recover up to the age of 12 even without a vaccine, even over six months after recovery.
* A person who performed a rapid test at a legacy position (not self-employed at home) within 24 hours of performing the test

*** A MDA speed test stand will be set up at the Cinema City complex starting at 06:00 on Thursday morning 
For children under 12 – free
For children over the age of 12 at a cost of about 52 NIS.