Traffic and Parking Arrangements March 17, 2023

Ben Tzvi and Ruppin Boulevards will be closed to vehicle traffic on Friday, Adar 24/March 17, starting at 3:00 AM and until the end of the event. On the day of the marathon, the following streets will be closed to vehicle traffic starting at 5:30 AM: Hebrew University Campus, Netanel Lorch, Rabin Blvd., Rothschild, Kaplan, Chaim Hazaz Blvd., Tchernichovsky, HaPalmach, Aza, HaNasi, Keren HaYesod, King George, Yafo, Kikar Tzahal, HaTzanhanim, Haim Bar-Lev Blvd., George Adam Smith, Lehi, Martin Buber, Binyamin Mazar, Churchill, Kariv, Yafo Gate, the Armenian Patriarchate, Zion Gate, Hativat Yerushalayim, King David, Eliyahu Shama, Emile Botta, Jabotinsky, Chopin, Dubnov, Gratz, Emek Refaim, Derech HaRakevet, Derech Beit Lechem, David Remez, Derech Chevron, Yanovski, Yehuda, Pierre Koenig, Elazar HaModa’i, Kovshei Katamon, Yehoshua Yavin, Sacher Park. Likewise, traffic disturbances are expected in streets adjacent to the route of the marathon. The event is expected to finish by 14:00.

Parking will be closed on these streets: Burg, Ben Tzvi, and Mevaker HaMedina as of Thursday, Adar 23-March 16 at 12:00 until the end of the event on Friday, Adar 24-March 17 at 14:00, Vehicles parked along the route of the marathon will not be permitted to exit until the end of the event and the reopening of traffic. Parking lots HaLeum, Museums, and Kiryat HaMemshala will serve marathon participants only.

:Public Transport

Israel Railways

On the day of the marathon, Israel Railways will offer increased service to Navon station as well as from it at the end of the marathon. For further information call *5770. Subject to change.


During the marathon there will be changes to public transport lines. Further information is available on the website of the Jerusalem Municipality, the Each Line hotline at *8787, and public transport websites.

Light Rail

The Light Rail will operate in two sections: Heil HaAvir – Ammunition Hill, Central Station – Mt. Herzl, in both directions. There will be no rail service between Central Station and Ammunition Hill. Egged Transport and Extra operate bus lines between Ammunition Hill/Giv’at HaMivtar to Central Stations and back: 25, 45, 66, 66a, 65, 69, 68.

For more information: Kfir information service at *2779.

:Educational institutions

Classes will be held in the educational system (as much as possible) as normal. Details regarding the school day at each institution will be given to parents and students by school and daycare administrations. We recommend following the news for traffic changes.


Free shuttles (back and forth) will be available from 5:30 AM to 13:00.

  • Pickup from the east exit space at Teddy Stadium.
  • Drop-off in the area of Sacher Park along Burg St. (next to HaLeum Parking).
  • Shuttles will be waiting at the drop-off point to return runners to the starting point.

Major routes that will be open

North: Uzi Narkis Blvd., Road 9, Golda Meir Blvd., Eshkol Blvd.

Center: City Entrance, Herzl Blvd., Begin Blvd. (south/north), Bar Ilan/Yirmiyahu.

South: Dov Yosef, Golomb, Ein Kerem.

March 14-16

Cinema City


Additional information:

Municipal hotline 106