Transportation - Jerusalem Marathon - מרתון ירושלים


Directions to the start-up point

Traffic arrangements

Ben Zvi and Rufin Blvd. will be closed to vehicle traffic from Thursday, KG Bader, October 28 from 23:00 until the end of the event on Friday, Bader 29.10.21.

On the day of the race, vehicles will be closed from 05:30: The Hebrew University Campus, Nathaniel Lorch, Rabin Blvd., Chaim Hazaz Blvd., Tchernichovsky, Palmach, Gaza, President, Keren Hayesod, King George, Jaffa St. , IDF Square, Paratroopers, Haim Bar Lev Blvd., George Adam Smith, Lehi, Martin Buber, Benjamin Mazar, Churchill, Crib, Jaffa Gate, Armenian Patriarchate, Shaar Zion, Jerusalem Brigade , King David, Jabotinsky, Chopin, Dubnov, Gertz, Emek Refaim, The Railway, Bethlehem Road, David Remez, Hebron, Yanovsky, Judah, Pierre Koenig, Elazar Modi, Katmon Conquerors, Joshua Yavin, Gan Sacher.

 Traffic disruptions in the tangent streets of the race tracks are also expected.

The event is expected to end by 2 p.m.

Car Service

Car Service
Nesher transportation services from Ben-Gurion Airport to Jerusalem and its vicinity operate 24 hours per day and can be found on the ground floor of the airport at the service station (G) near gates 01-03. Follow the signs at the airport.
Telephone number: 02-6257227

Parking arrangements

Parking on the streets of Burg and the State Comptroller will start from Thursday  28.10.21 at 17:00 until the end of the event on Friday, 29.10.21 at 14:00.

Vehicles that talked along the route of the runways will not be allowed to leave until the event ends and the routes open.

The national car parks, museums and the government community will be used only by race participants.

Special transportation and car rentals with Diesenhaus-Unitours Tourism Ltd.

Diesenhaus-Unitours Incoming Tourism Ltd. is the official travel agency for the Jerusalem Marathon.

Light Rail

The light rail will operate on two routes: Route 1 – from the Air Force to Ammunition Hill.

Route 2 – from central station to Mount Herzl.

For details: Modify Intelligence 3686 *.

Public Transport

Ammunition hill stations and a central station will link public transportation lines: 66, 66A, 45, 25 that will pass through the city center and the Mahane Yehuda market.

Changes in some of the lines in public transport will apply. For details public transport intelligence 8787 *.

Educational Institutions

Studies in the education system will take place (as far as possible) in their proper order.

Details of the school day at each educational institution will be provided to parents and students by school and preschool administrators.

Parents and students are advised to follow the publications regarding changes in traffic arrangements and guidance for alternative ways.


Shuttles (round trip) are free of charge from 05:30 to 13:30

* Gathering the western stands to the Teddy Stadium, Mount Herzl Square and Sha’arei Tzedek parking lots

Download in the Sacher Garden area along Burg Street (near the National Park)

Please note: At the download point, the shuttles will wait for the runners to return to the starting points.

Main axes open


North – Uzi Narkis Blvd., Road 9, Golda Meir Blvd., Eshkol Blvd.

Center – City Entrance, Herzl Blvd., South / North Blvd., Bar Ilan / Jeremiah Road

South – Dov Yosef Road, Golomb axis, Ein Kerem axis

Details at City Center 106 and website:

And in the Jerusalem app