The Sports Exhibition

Marathon participants and the general public are invited to visit the expo complex in its new location – Cinema City Jerusalem
At the expo, the best sports brands will present and sell their products at special prices for the days of the event.
the event will take place from march 5th to march 7th, 2024
Importers interested in exhibiting are welcome to contact Tasia Ayalon by email – [email protected]
There may be changes.


 Pasta evening

As a tradition, we will have a pasta evening with a rich menu and a good atmosphere.

The pasta evening is for the full marathon runners, admission is conditional upon presentation of the order attached to the running kit.

Runners from other races interested in attending the celebration will be able to purchase tickets on the spot, based on available space, at a cost of 50ils.  Tickets will be available for sale on site 

the number of tickets is limited.

The event will take place at the Cinema City Jerusalem complex on march 7th 2024

There may be changes