Terms and conditions

Prices and Registration Dates

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1. These regulations expand upon guidelines that have been published on the marathon website and clarify and elaborate on them.
2. In order to participate in the race, runners must conduct regular training, be under medical supervision, and be healthy and fit to run. Participants should consider their health, fitness, level of training and personal abilities before choosing to participate in the event, selecting a track and deciding how to run the race.
3. All runners must read carefully and sign up the electronic Health Declaration form- appearing on the website during registration.
4. Runners under the age of 18 on the day of the marathon, 8th, 2024, must provide a signed parental consent form as shown on the website while registering online for the marathon.
5. Minimal age restrictions apply for each race. When registering, check that on the day of the marathon, March 8th, 2024 , runners meet the minimum age requirements for their selected track:
* Marathon – 18 and above
* Half marathon – 16 and above (participants aged 16-18 require parental consent
and a signed medical form)
* 10 km race – 14 and above (participants aged 14-18 require parental consent and a signed medical form)
* 5 km race – 10 and above (participants under 18 require parental consent)

Registration Guidelines

1. Payment for marathon registration can be made by credit card while registering online.
2. Cancellation and changes:
* Changes and cancellations will be accepted until February 7st, 2024 at 23:59. Please send your request by email to [email protected]. A handling fee of $10 will be charged for canceling registration or changing tracks.
* Cancellations will not be accepted after February 7st, 2024 for any reason other than medical reasons. Cancellation requests should be sent by email to [email protected] with a letter from a physician. A handling fee of $10 will be charged.
* Under exceptional circumstances, requests to change tracks after February 7st, 2024 will be considered based on the exclusive judgment of the marathon producer. A handling fee of $20 will be charged.
* In addition to handling fees, switching to a more expensive track will require the participant to pay the difference. Participants who switch to a less expensive track will be reimbursed with the difference, based on late registration rates.
* Refunds for changes and cancellations will be paid within 90 days of the transaction.
3. Discounts
* Discounts are offered for early registration
* Jerusalem Resident cardholders are entitled to a 20% discount. The discount is given according to the ID number of a valid “Yerushalmi” member

General Guidelines

1. Runners must follow the organizers’ instructions that appear on this website and are given during the race. These instructions will ensure fair and well-organized competition for all runners. Marathon officials and organizers reserve the right to disqualify runners that complete unfairly, disobey rules or present a risk to themselves or to other athletes. Disqualified runners will not be refunded.
2. Please be aware of your personal responsibility for your own health, and to the possible consequences on your condition, in case your current medical status doesn’t allow you to participate in the race. in case of need, you must consult your doctor regarding any medical problems that may appear and might risk your health during the race.
3. Runners must wear their bib numbers on the front of their shirts. Runners that do not wear their bib numbers will not be admitted to the starting and finish areas.
4. Electronic mats will be placed along the course in order to measure interim times and to serve as control points during the race. Runners must run over these mats. Runners that are not recorded by the system may be disqualified.
5. Runners should remain on the road throughout the race. Running on sidewalks or traffic dividers is forbidden.
6. Do not accompany the runners by bicycle or any other type of vehicle, or run alongside them. This may disqualify the runners.
7. The finish lines for the various races will close at the following times:
* Marathon – 6 hours after start time
* Half marathon – 3 hours after start time
* 10 km race – 1:40 hours after start time
Runners that run at a below-average pace at different points along the course will be asked to move to the sidewalk and may be asked to stop running and contact the marathon staff to be taken to the finish area.
The marathon administration cannot necessarily keep track of all runners that run slower than expected and is not responsible for the wellbeing of these runners along the course or at the finish line.
8. The winning results for general winners will be determined by the starting shot. Results in other categories will be determined by the runners’ personal times as indicated by their individual tags (recorded when each runner crosses the starting line).
9. The results will be determined by year of birth rather than by the exact birth date of the runner.
10. The results for the winners in the general ranking will be determined according to the start signal (gun time), if there are two jumps (or more) in the assignment, the winners will be determined from the first assignment only. In the other categories, the personal time will be determined according to the start signal from the personal badge (given to each runner at the moment of crossing the starting line).
11. Athletes may appeal their scores by contacting the marathon offices, located behind the ceremony stage at the marathon compound, in writing, within 30 minutes of the end of the event. Appeal fees are 100 NIS, which will be returned only if the appeal is accepted.
12. Please note that the event is photographed and documented by a video camera. Registration and participation in the event indicate the runner’s consent to allowing the marathon organizers to use this visual documentation and publish it in the media at their own discretion.
13. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the event and/or alter it for security or safety reasons, based on instructions received from certified authorities, due to a state of emergency, extreme weather conditions, or other events that the organizers consider valid reason to cancel/alter the event as noted.
14. The organizing committee may close registration at an earlier date than that noted on the official marathon website based on the number of participants.
15. The organizers reserve the right to update information on this website. It is the participants’ responsibility to follow up on any new information.
16. Participants are aware that photos and videos that will be taken by the organizers or their representatives during the event, will be used for marketing and advertising in various media.

17. The organizers undertake not to transfer the credit details of the registrants to third parties.

Details are subject to change.

Accessible table

Track Early Registration until 30.01.24 Late Registration until 02.03.24
Full 42.2 km 76$ 85$
Half 21.1 km 60$ 70$
10km 45$ 55$
5km 30$ 35$
family race up to 4 pax 30$| 5 pax 37.5$| 6 pax 45$