Jerusalem Winner Marathon - Green Pass - Jerusalem Marathon - מרתון ירושלים

Jerusalem Winner Marathon – Green Pass

Jerusalem Winner Marathon - Green Pass

The Jerusalem Marathon takes place in an open area as the starting and ending point in the Sucker Garden space.
Principles of the guidelines

* All participants and gatherers at the Sucker Garden complex will be required to present only a new green sign as specified.
* At all entrances to the compound there will be ushers who will make sure the character is displayed.
* All gatherers will be required to wear a mask until the start of the run and immediately upon completion

The new green character:

* Vaccinated with 3 doses of vaccine one week after the third vaccine.
* Vaccinated with 2 doses of vaccine that has passed a week from the second vaccine and has not yet passed half a year from the second vaccine.
* Recovering – half a year from the confirmation of recovery
* Recover over half a year with a single vaccine.
* The person who underwent a serological examination testified that he was defined as a healer and received a vaccine1
* Children recover up to the age of 12 even without a vaccine, even over six months after recovery.
* A person who performed a rapid test at a legacy position (not self-employed at home) within 24 hours of performing the test

*** An MDA speed test stand will be set up in the Cinema City complex.
For children under 12 – free
For children over the age of 12 at a cost of about 52 NIS.